PSH aquires starter & alternator division of Alanko

  •  ALANKO Focuses on Turbochargers as Core Business
  • Strategic growth in core products for both companies
  • A win-win situation for all parties involved

The Rhineland-Palatinate-based spare parts specialist, ALANKO, is transferring its starters and generators division to the Dutch starter and generator specialist, PSH. This strategic move allows ALANKO to concentrate more on its core business, while PSH aims to further strengthen its already robust position in the starter and generator market, particularly in Germany. Both companies have agreed on a mutually beneficial deal. ALANKO’s turbocharger business has been booming, prompting the company to take the next step towards further specialization.

“We have significantly expanded our turbocharger business over the past two years and have experienced excellent growth,” explains Ghalib AlahRachi, Managing Director of ALANKO. PSH, already having a strong and growing starters and generators division, aims to specialize even further in this area. This acquisition represents a win-win situation for both companies. “Both PSH and we can enhance our respective strengths,” AlahRachi adds. Future inquiries regarding starters and generators from ALANKO customers will be directed to PSH. Conversely, PSH will utilize its distribution channels to refer turbocharger customers to ALANKO. AlahRachi describes this as a sales cooperation, not a merger. Both companies will maintain their existing sales structures and identities, ensuring no changes for customers.

“We have established ourselves internationally as a significant player in the starters and generators market, especially following recent acquisitions of AES, Wood Auto, Robarcko and Dapex. We are excited about acquiring ALANKO’s starters and generators business. ALANKO’s existing customers will benefit from our excellent logistics and availability in the starters and generators segment,” adds Hans Pos, Managing Director of PSH.

Full Throttle for Turbochargers
By the end of August 2024, ALANKO will engage in individual discussions with all customers regarding this transition and will cease offering non-turbocharger products. These items will also be removed from TecDoc. Despite a touch of nostalgia, AlahRachi sees this move as necessary: “ALANKO began with starters and generators almost 20 years ago. My great-uncle has been reconditioning starters and generators since the 1960s. Recently, our turbocharger business has expanded so successfully that discontinuing other product groups is now the logical step. Full power to the turbocharger business. This is good news for our customers,” AlahRachi elaborates.

ALANKO plans to use this step to better meet the growing demand for turbochargers and optimize their availability. “We are confident that we can continue to grow exponentially,” AlahRachi concludes.


The Turbocharger alternative to OE-manufacturer
Based in Sinzig, Rhineland-Palatinate, ALANKO is an innovative spare parts manufacturer led by three brothers, with over 50 employees. Their mission is to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. A major focus for ALANKO is turbochargers, providing customers with deposit-free turbochargers of their own development. New references are continuously added, and the comprehensive delivery includes gaskets, running-in oil, bolts, copper nuts, and even gloves. Annually, ALANKO develops up to 100 new turbochargers, offering a depth of range unmatched by other manufacturers. The product range includes both new and remanufactured turbochargers. In 2023, ALANKO acquired a reconditioning plant in Bosnia, allowing them to handle remanufacturing in-house, leveraging decades of experience in the spare parts remanufacturing process.

About PSH
A Legacy of Quality and Innovation
Founded by Hans Pos Sr. in 1992 in Ankeveen, Netherlands, Pos Service Holland (PSH) has grown from a regional family business into an internationally renowned wholesaler. Initially specializing in starters and alternators, PSH has always been guided by the principles of excellent quality, competitive pricing, and optimal service. These values remain the driving force behind the company today.

At PSH, the cornerstones of operations are quality, expertise, reliability, accessibility, and flexibility. These core values have propelled PSH to its current status as a market leader in Europe. With 8 subsidiaries and exports to over 80 countries, PSH serves a diverse and global clientele.

Continuous improvement is central to PSH’s mission. The company focuses on enhancing, expanding, and professionalizing its product assortments while constantly optimizing ordering systems and delivery options. This ensures that customers receive the best possible service.

Despite its significant growth and evolution, PSH has remained true to its foundational values, which continue to underpin every aspect of its operations. This steadfast commitment to its core principles ensures that PSH remains at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket industry.