All testbenches, benchtop, handheld testers are equipped with the latest test technologies, such as API+ technology for rapid automatic protocol identification, for modern workshops or production facilities.

Motoplat’s handheld alternator testers are practical and easy-to-use devices and are used by car workshops, diagnostic workshops, authorized service stations and repair shops.

Benchtop testers complement your current testing equipment. With the benchtop tester you can check and test the alternators in the latest cars from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Audi, among others. Motoplat’s range also includes part testers for easy checking for short circuits in parts such as stator windings, rectifiers and armatures.

Leading Technology

To be and to remain advanced in technology, we of Motoplat develop all software on the testers ourselves.


We are committed to providing the most reliable and comprehensive testers and therefore we have tailored our products to meet customers’ needs.


Each and every tester is of premium European quality and complies with the European regulations.


Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.


Motoplat is known for its expertise in developing advanced test benches tailored to the specifications of various alternators. Their high-quality test benches are carefully designed and manufactured to provide a thorough and precise analysis of the performance and functionality of each alternator.

These test benches represent a combination of technological precision and innovation, making them a crucial tool in the testing process. Due to the accuracy of measurements and extensive testing capabilities, Motoplat’s test benches play an essential role in ensuring the quality and reliability of alternators.


These innovative testers are equipped with advanced technologies that enable efficient and accurate analysis of the components present within the alternator. This feature allows technicians and mechanics to intervene quickly and purposefully, speeding up the diagnosis and repair procedure while minimizing system downtime.



These portable testers are designed with a focus on user-friendliness and functionality, making them easy to handle for professionals in various fields within the automotive sector. Their portability and intuitive operation make them particularly suitable for diverse applications, including the swift and precise testing of alternators during maintenance procedures, repairs, or revisions.


Motoplat’s component testers are specialized instruments designed to thoroughly test individual components for potential issues or faults. These advanced testers are specifically focused on isolating and evaluating separate parts of a system, such as alternators, to accurately detect possible defects.